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Time to See the Light! Or at least some good lighting options.

Cut your lamp's energy use by 90% by just changing the bulb.
Watts, Lumens, Kelvin Scale... the right choice can cut energy per bulb by 90%, but what does it all mean?? Click here for a helpful guide from Energy Star.

Quick Tips for Saving Energy at Home while on Vacation

Leaving town for a few days? Give your appliances and your wallet a break too!

News and Notes

Is Your Mini-Fridge Cool?

Personal refrigerators can consume as much energy (and cost) as full size refrigerators. Run through this easy checklist to make sure your mini fridge is cool.

3 Things More Fun Than Using Electricity

1)Playing disc golf with your friends 2)Taking one of W&L’s Blue Bikes for a ride 3)Exploring Back Campus Find maps and more info at

A Brief History of the Power Down Challenge at W&L

Chi Psi turns off outside lights during the day!
Relive the low energy roller coaster of Power Down 2013 and 2014. Because those who do not know history are bound to be marginally less excited about trying to repeat it.

Power Down 2015 Tips: In it to Win It

cheers to energy
When else can you take a shot at greatness by sitting in the dark and leaving your computer off? Don't blow this!! Get your Low Energy Winner Tips here...
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