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Quick Tips for Saving Energy at Home while on Vacation

Leaving town for a few days? Give your appliances and your wallet a break too!

Small Changes=Big Savings

On average, reducing your heating temperature or increasing your cooling temperature will save you 3% PER DEGREE on your utility costs. So if you change your home thermos

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This Week’s Good Energy Spotlight

By closing the door between their air conditioned offices and the unconditioned stairwell, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is keeping cool in and waste out.

Generals Mastered the Power in 2012-2013

From thoughtful participation to ruthless competition, W&L students used their power for good.

The Friendly Closed Door

green door
Keeping doors closed between conditioned and non-conditioned spaces is good for the environment, the budget, and your comfort. Download a friendly closed door sign here.

Slow-Motion Sensors

Motion sensor lights seem like a great way to save energy. And they can be. But they can also create a lot of waste. Surprised? Read on.

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About Energy Education

The Energy Education Program (EEP) is a key component in Washington and Lee's continuing efforts on sustainability. Developed in partnership with Energy Education Inc. of Dallas, Tex., the program reduces campus energy consumption through comprehensive behavioral change among our university community.

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