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Quick Tips for Saving Energy at Home while on Vacation

Leaving town for a few days? Give your appliances and your wallet a break too!

Small Changes=Big Savings

On average, reducing your heating temperature or increasing your cooling temperature will save you 3% PER DEGREE on your utility costs. So if you change your home thermos

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PowerDown 2014 Full Rankings

You've seen the top three, but where did everyone else end up? Check out the complete ranking from this year's PowerDown Challenge here....

Sigma Nu Wins PowerDown Challenge, Shatters Own Record with Total […]


3 Things More Fun Than Using Electricity

  1)Playing disc golf with your friends 2)Taking one of W&L’s Blue Bikes for a ride 3)Exploring Back Campus Find maps and more info at

A Brief History of the Power Down Challenge at W&L

Chi Psi turns off outside lights during the day!
Relive the low energy roller coaster of Power Down 2013. Because those who do not know history are bound to be marginally less excited about trying to repeat it.

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About Energy Education

The Energy Education Program (EEP) is a key component in Washington and Lee's continuing efforts on sustainability. Developed in partnership with Energy Education Inc. of Dallas, Tex., the program reduces campus energy consumption through comprehensive behavioral change among our university community.

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